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2 month internships

From Jun – Dec 2019

The Oven is our two-month internship programme that gives fresh new talent a potential start in the industry. The programme takes on interns across our main depts – Account Management, Creative, Digital Marketing, User Experience and Development and throws you right in at the deep end of each department. But don’t worry, we’ll be your armbands along the way.

Applications are now closed for the 2019 intake. We'll be in touch if you've been selected for an interview.

So, two months of making tea and getting people lunch?

Nope, no tea making or lunch errands for you. This is a proper job with proper opportunities and a chance to work with one of Scotland’s leading creative agencies. Exciting huh?

Well, what can you expect over the two months you’re here?

You’ll be treated like a proper member of whichever team you’re in with a clear job description. That means you’ll have the experience, responsibility and fun of being one of the gang. 

We will show you the ropes of what we all do - the good bits, the bad bits and the ugly bits. 

You’ll get to work on real, live projects from initial briefing stages to production. So you might even see some of your work out in the real world.

The end result? You have a chance to see if the recipe of agency life is to your taste.

The recipe for success

Carefully selected ingredients

You apply, we select the finest.  

Mixed well

We’ll get you started with a proper induction, then drop you right into the mix of things and let you get going.

Turn up the heat

Then we start putting the pressure on with live briefs and bigger challenges, making sure you work on at least three different client projects in different sectors. As part of The Oven team, you’ll also deliver an entire project end-to-end in your time here. So you’ll really find out what you’re made of. Throughout the two months, you’ll be welcomed to any social stuff, lunch club, training and general shenanigans going on in the agency, so it’s not all work! And you’ll spend time in other departments to understand the chemistry of how an agency works together.

Add final touches

And just before the end of your two months we’ll give you our feedback and sprinkle on our last little bits of advice for you to go on and do us proud.

Prepping the next batch

Before you leave, we will ask you about your time with us, and you can help us guide the next group of fresh faces that we put in The Oven.

There really is no quicker or better way to learn the ropes in this industry than by being right in the middle of it. Being an intern at Whitespace was amazing because I was guided as an intern while being treated like one of the team.

Lisa Goldie
Former Creative Intern
(now Creative Copywriter)


Is it paid?
Given that you’ll be one of the team, it’d be pretty cheeky if we didn’t thank you and give you something for your time. We’ll make sure to pay you a contractor rate above the living wage equivalent because an intern that hasn’t eaten or washed and it being our fault isn’t what we want. 

Is it a permanent job?
No, it’s an internship that runs for two months and you will have a contractor's agreement. But that’s not to say that if you shine bright like a diamond during your time here that we wouldn’t consider keeping you. Especially if you join our bake club and contribute to the agency cake supply. 

Who can apply?
Anyone can apply. We’re not just looking for folk with experience or who are straight out of uni. Anyone with passion, initiative and drive will be considered. But to fit in, you’ll need to be able to work hard and be nice to people.

I’ve graduated already can I apply?
See above. 

When does it start? 
We are taking applications now for our interns to join us for eight weeks, if you’re picked you can join us at any time during the rest of the year.  

What’s the application process?
The details for each role are outlined on the relevant pages. But in summary, there will be three stages: application; shortlist and interviews before final selection.

When will I find out?
We will contact everyone who applies to confirm whether or not you are progressing to the next stage.

We’re working to the following timings:

  • Applications close: 15th April
  • 1st interviews: w/c 22nd April
  • 2nd interviews (if necessary): w/c 29 April
  • Start dates will be agreed with successful applicants depending on the most suitable time for both of us.

We'll welcome you with open arms

The programme will take on five interns, one in each of our teams – Account Management, Creative, Digital Marketing, User Experience and Development and throw you right in at the deep end of each department. But don’t worry, we’ll be your armbands along the way.

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