The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

Our sixth campaign for the world’s largest arts festival contributed to its best-year ever, helping drive ticket sales over the two million mark while up against huge competition from other major Scottish events.

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The biggest challenge yet

2014 was a big year for Scotland - the Edinburgh Festival Fringe was to be sandwiched between the two biggest events, the Commonwealth Games and the referendum.

The Fringe contributes a staggering £142 million of additional tourist revenue to Scotland and even a tiny decrease of only 1% at the Fringe, could result in a reduction of £1.42 million in Scotland.

So our objective was simple, reduce the impact of the Commonwealth Games on the Fringe - by creating excitement, engaging audiences with the event and maintaining attendance and ticket sales.

Who wouldn’t want to get unbored?

We needed a concept for an integrated campaign that would stand out from the polished, professional, sleek age old image of Scotland with vistas, purple and tartan.

The answer lay in the very roots of The Fringe when in 1947, eight uninvited companies turned up to the Edinburgh International Festival and were refused entry. They decided to perform anyway and The Edinburgh Festival Fringe was born!

The festival itself is very eclectic and unpredictable - with over 3,000 shows the one thing you can be certain of is that it’ll be very, very entertaining. We wanted to capture the vibrant, irreverent essence of the Fringe and motivate people to escape the hum-drum norm.

That was the idea: the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is most definitely unboring. A totally made up word, very much like the origins of the event. Immediate and lacking any confusion as to its meaning. Who wouldn’t want to get unbored?

Scream if you want to go faster

Using outdoor we drove mass awareness with cheeky executions, tailored to the specific situation, such as on London Underground tubes and escalators and even entire bus wraps.


A comprehensive digital campaign was rolled out with ads featuring tailored messaging for Facebook, National Rail as well as fully interactive ‘Unbore-a-vision’ mega banners which allowed you to unbore a range of mundane objects such as a shoe, a chair, a watch and even a pair of y-fronts!

We took situations and everyday items and we made them unboring. Whatever the situation it would be far less boring if you were at the Fringe. It was fun, it was cheeky, it was surprising, and where possible, it was disruptive.

Neil Walker

Senior Creative

No yawn-fests here

With cinema we took the concept of boring films and what to do about them to a completely new level!

Final call for departure to Bores-ville

From boring destinations to boring conferences, we unbored them. On social we encouraged everyone (and their pets) to get unbored. Even the merchandise got unbored. The Fringe Shop, box offices, signage and uniforms got unbored too.

The results

And people did get unbored. The campaign proved to be a phenomenal success and the Fringe had its best year ever with increases in ticket sales, merchandise sales and much greater engagement in all channels.

Ticket sales up


Merchandise sales up


Followers across social networks up


Facebook engagement up


Winner winner chicken dinner!

Winner of five awards at the Scottish Creative Awards
and two commendations.

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