We boosted RAC’s brand awareness through Facebook, increasing reach by 515% to over 2.2 million users and supporting a new Guinness World Record.

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Getting RAC's social media presence on the road

The RAC is one of the UK's most progressive motoring organisations, attending 2.3 million rescue breakdowns a year, with a commitment to making motoring easier, safer, more affordable and more enjoyable for road users.

In April 2015, we were tasked with boosting RAC’s brand awareness through Facebook and Twitter. We created a content strategy covering campaign, trending and seasonal content and then led content creation, community management, monitoring and reporting.

A new Guinness World Record

Being one of the most progressive road rescue organisations in the UK, it’s no surprise that RAC wanted to add their innovation to the Guinness Book of Records as well, by creating and setting their own record. So, in June 2015, they teamed up with Audi UK, and with the support of RAC 5-Star European Cover, created a challenge to drive through the greatest number of countries on only one tank of fuel. Eight days later, drivers Rebecca Jackson and Andrew Frankel set a brand new world record by driving 1,158.9 miles and reaching 14 countries by achieving an amazing 75.9mpg.

We drove the #RecordRoadTrip campaign to track and support Rebecca and Andrew. Over the course of their journey, social media following increased, reaching an estimated 134,600 Twitter accounts, 213,700 Facebook users and becoming a trending topic in the UK. Throughout the record attempt there were significant Retweets and messages of support from individuals and businesses who hadn’t previously interacted with the @RAC_breakdown account.

Knowing what to talk about...

We’ve helped RAC keep their promise of making motoring more enjoyable for road users with a fleet of entertaining topical posts, boosting organic reach. Whether it’s considering how to rescue Peeta in the Hunger Games, promising festival goers that the RAC will pitch up anywhere or reminding Star Wars fans that the RAC Force will always be with them, we’ve brought the fun to motoring for RAC’s community.

With the summer tennis season underway, RAC had to admit they are better at delivering a breakdown service than breaking serves. However, with road rescuers’ jackets already the perfect shade of orange, it was easy to embrace dazzling sequins to be ready for the launch of Strictly.

But it turns out there’s one thing motorists love more than the glamour and excitement of movies and sporting events. RAC’s advice on rescuing our prickly friends from bonfires on 5th of November drove over 2,300 likes for our star model Pepper the Hedgehog.

Looking after your driving, looking after your pocket

RAC are committed to being the Motorist’s Champion by helping drivers stay prepared, with regular fuel price updates, driving tips and advice, weather watches and car accessories giveaways

Advice on the motoring kit to take before driving to Europe is just what holidaymakers need to easily prevent driving disasters abroad. Back at home, when the flash freezes begin, we have the right tips for safe winter driving.

The Petrol Price watch social posts work well to drive engagement around a topic that has been discussed a lot in the second half of 2015. The aim of the post overall is to try and drive engagement amongst the audience as well as provide community recommendations on who has the cheapest fuel in certain areas.

RAC approach social media in just the right way; fun, open, proactive and honest. Their enthusiasm has been pivotal to ensuring the social media content is successful and resonates well with the audience.

Amy Saunders

Community Manager

2.2 million reach in 6 months





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What the client said

"As a business, RAC's reputation is built on years of serving Britain's motorists. We're known for exceptional quality, trust and reliability. But through our social activity we've been able to demonstrate our more light-hearted side, and enter into regular, two way dialogue with our members. Whitespace have been an exciting partner to work with, and have been able to identify key social trends to drive customer engagement."

Georgina Oakes, Head of Brand & Marketing Communications

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