Klang: The Road Home

Launched by the Scottish Minister for Transport in 2015, our road safety app for 8 to 11 year olds was selected by Apple as one of the Best New Apps and Games for kids and received over 40,000 downloads in six weeks.

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Coming down to Earth

Road Safety Scotland needed an app that would be a valuable resource in raising awareness of the fundamentals of road safety for children aged 8-11 years.

The app would focus on the key behaviours that could reduce pedestrian accidents, challenging the target audience to improve their knowledge of road safety and ultimately save lives.  

We would also support the launch of the app with a variety of specially bespoke promotional materials. 


The roads we crossed

Using focus group feedback from kids within the appropriate age bracket – we devised a game concept that revolved around the benevolent but clumsy character Klang, an alien robot from planet Fendaar, who has fallen to Earth, crash-landing in the Scottish town of Auchterkrankie.

The game empowered children to navigate Klang safely around the streets and avenues, helping him track down parts to fix his ship.  Along the way they would be introduced to a series of dynamic mini games encouraging kids to display an ever-increasing understanding of road safety skills. 

Putting Klang together

The character and game was entirely made in-house.  A creative team developed the rich visuals and story that covered all the relevant safety issues in a way that would not only be engaging, but highly appealing to kids.  Klang: The Road Home was fully built, developed and implemented for both Android and Apple device formats that included both smartphones and tablets, which had been indentified as key for the target age range. 

Launching Klang

The app was launched by the Scottish Minister for Transport Derek Mackay, with a rather excited audience of Junior Road Safety Officers from various schools.  Those attending were presented with a ‘top secret’ dossier packed with fun material relating to Klang, the game and road safety.

The results

Within the first week, the app gained over 16,000 downloads and was selected by Apple as one of the ‘Best New Apps & Games’ for kids.  The supporting materials were all free to download alongside an animated trailer on a specially built micro-site klangtheroadhome.com. The app continues to do well as kids all over Scotland download and play the game which has not only delighted the client and agency alike, but Klang himself, who has now returned safely to Fendaar – for now… 

It was so important for us to make an app that not only answered the brief by informing kids about the importance of road safety – but an app that was genuinely engaging, fun to play and even – dare we say it – cool!

Neil Walker

Senior Creative 

What the client said

"In this rich digital age, it is important to keep up with technology so that opportunities for road safety learning can be provided in a way that engages young people, both at home and at school. Road Safety Scotland (RSS) was delighted to work with Whitespace on the development of their first road safety learning app. It was a wonderful new experience for RSS to collaborate on such a highly creative and technical project… an innovative, engaging, informative and fun game, ‘Klang: The Road Home’!"



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