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To build on the success of our original website in 2011, our new responsive design launched in 2013 aiming to make life easier for customers on the move.

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If it works, why change it?

Early in 2011 we launched a new website for Business Stream, suppliers of water and waste water services to 93,000 businesses in Scotland.

The award-winning site was extremely successful, reducing leakage from high bounce rates and form drop-offs, leading to a 320% improvement in conversion rate for customers interacting online, including signing up for eBilling services.

But Business Stream constantly aims to achieve best-in-class digital services to maximise customer satisfaction.

They tasked us with assessing if full mobile accessibility was the next priority.

Making it easy for customers on the move

The volume of mobile traffic was increasing rapidly. Also, email is an important channel for Business Stream, and a high percentage of Business Stream emails were being opened via mobile.

However mobile traffic wasn’t performing as well as desktop traffic, with higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates. This was more than just a commercial concern – it indicated a lack of customer satisfaction with the experience.

Putting the focus into usability

Our usability experts mapped journeys so customers had the ability to do everything just as easily on their mobile phone as from their desktop, including opening a new account, making a bill payment, updating their account details or submitting a meter reading.

Additionally, we ensured customers could use all the interactives and tools, such as benchmarking their water usage against their peers, calculating their carbon emissions or watching the library of ‘how-to’ video guides.

Although we were prioritising mobile traffic, we also applied insights from two years of analytics to cost-effectively improve user-journeys for desktop users at the same time.

Alex Turnbull

Head of User Experience

Final design output

The results

In just a few months there have been real improvements in useability, customer satisfaction and conversion rates for mobile traffic. Percentage of mobile traffic is up by 22%, bounce rate is down by 7% and conversion rate up by 68%. Additionally, conversion rates for all traffic are up by 10% showing the project has benefited traffic from all devices.

What the client said

"Our business customers need to quickly understand how we can help them save time, save water and save money, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business. This site enables them to do just that, whether they’re in the office or on the move. Once again it’s been great working with the Whitespacers on this project. They’ve applied their deep understanding of usability and delivered the project exceptionally smoothly, in parallel with delivering the rest of our day-to-day digital strategy."

Duncan Mackay, Digital Marketing Manager, Business Stream

In just a few months

Mobile conversion rate increase


Mobile traffic increase


Overall conversion rate increase


Mobile bounce rate decrease


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