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Our work across brand, campaigns and digital helped to build awareness of Business Gateway among their key audiences of start-up and growth businesses in Scotland.

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Your gateway to business expertise

Start-up and growth businesses need all the support they can get - even more in an economic downturn.

That support is available for free through Business Gateway, a publicly funded organisation with the aim of contributing to the economic wellbeing of Scotland. However research showed that awareness levels needed to increase for the service to help as many businesses as possible.

We started with a brand refresh, to give the brand greater flexibility across a range of channels with a richer variety of imagery and stronger typography. We also looked at how the brand could be presented through animation and interactives.

We added the strapline 'Your gateway to business expertise' to provide more clarity around the proposition.

Emily Smith

Senior Account Manager

Making digital work harder

A complete digital health check was needed to review performance across all digital channels including website, search, traffic-driving, social media, eCRM as well as database segmentation.

From this we were able to recommend simple changes to web content, user journeys, email communications, search engine optimization and use of social media channels, to implement the new brand look and feel.

Through-the-line campaigns

Over the last two years we have used these insights to design and deliver a number of bespoke and targeted online ad campaigns to integrate with press advertising.

Targeting both start-up and growth audiences, these campaigns incorporated display advertising and takeovers, as well as social media activity and campaign specific landing pages to maximise exposure and interaction.

Drawing on our experience

In summer 2013 we created a campaign to inspire, encourage and help those looking to start up in business.

We commissioned top Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford to help us produce an effective animation showing how Business Gateway can support start-up and growth businesses through each stage of their business plan, with the creative applied through a range of media.

The creative approach we took used the insight that business owners often start with a blank sheet of paper when drafting their business plan, and slowly build each element of their plan over time. We reflected this by using a stop-motion style video, filming Johanna drawing the animation in real-time.

Charlie Bell

Design Director

Going mobile

Whatever stage an entrepreneur is at, they need to progress their business plan whenever they can grab a few free moments through the day. We designed and built a mobile app so they can build their plan from business idea, to start-up, to growth wherever they are. They can create their own to-do list for each business stage and access key information as well as the workshops that are available in their area.

The results

Some online ads have had a click through rate nine times the industry average, and combined with our other activity we’ve seen a 94% increase in web traffic in six months, with a significant increase in interaction and conversion rates.

Facebook Likes have increased from 5,000 to 14,000, improved segmentation for eCRM has increased open and click rates and the completion of a PPC audit has also meant the bounce rate from such traffic has reduced by 28%. Over 2,600 apps were downloaded in less than three months.

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