As part of our creation of a digital identity, we used social media to raise awareness of a treasured whisky brand to international audiences.

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A secret treasured island

Now part of the Burn Stewart portfolio, Bunnahabhain has been distilled at the centre of the whisky-crafting world on the picturesque island of Islay since 1881, but the brand remained a closely-guarded secret among whisky aficionados. Our quest to raise awareness of the brand to international audiences began with lead designer Mike making a voyage to Islay to discover the heritage of Bunnahabhain first-hand.


Everyone at Bunnahabhain has such an affinity with the island and after seeing it for myself, it was clear why. Capturing the heritage of Islay and Bunnahabhain throughout the creative was very important to me.

Mike Bryant


Tales of craft and sea-faring adventure

Mike spent two days exploring the island and distillery and meeting the team whose lives are committed to continuing a century of whisky-making tradition. And of course sampling the full range of whisky was critical to a deep understanding of the character and flavour!

Mike left inspired by how the brand is treasured by those who have distilled it for decades, and by those who love a more approachable flavour than the usually heavily-peated Islay whisky.

Back in the studio the team embedded tales of craft, tradition and sea-faring adventure into the new digital identity which was implemented across the website and social media.

An international Bunnahabhain bottle hunt

The next challenge was to bring the beauty of the island into the homes of an international audience, and so we launched the Bunnahabhain Bottle Hunt on Facebook. Mike and photographer Jakub made a return visit to Islay to photograph the whiskies in different locations across the island. Then whisky-lovers across the world used a Facebook app and Google maps to guess where the whisky had been photographed each week to be in with a chance of winning a bottle of Bunnahabhain and a grand prize of a trip to Islay.

The results

In only six weeks, there was a 10% increase in Facebook audience and a 12% increase in Twitter followers. So now Bunnahabhain and the island of Islay are less of a secret, but treasured by more audiences around the world.

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