Since the entire Whitespace team switched to remote working on Friday the 13th of March, we have all been getting rather good at video conferencing. Daily management meetings, weekly full team assemblies, Friday virtual drinks and elevenses are all made more bearable by actually being able to see everyone’s faces.



But now, features like blurring your background or uploading a backdrop image are soooo last week. Most of you will have heard of Snap lenses available through Snapchat. What you may not have heard about is Snap Camera the newer desktop app.



With 210 million Snapchat users globally, downloads of Snap Camera have increased 10 fold since the beginning of March. Essentially, it gives you access to all the Snap lenses while using your desktop web cam, enabling you to apply Snap lenses while using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You can then appear to your work colleagues or family members as, well… pretty much anything.



Whitespacers, being a creative and resourceful bunch and having developed quite a few lenses in our time, have now been creating custom lenses for new business pitches, chemistry meetings and just for giggles. However, the possibilities beyond a simple makeover are endless; animated characters, 3D accessories triggered by expressions, complete new 3D environments. The lenses could also have the ability to do some good. We have already launched a Snap lens that helps aid social distancing by allowing you to see if you are more than 2m away from someone.




If you’re interested in understanding how we could help you create a Snap lens or more generally use Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality within your business, contact me directly at and we can set up a video call.

Stay safe everyone, best wishes from all the Whitespacers.

Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.