As a Social Sciences student at Heriot Watt University, I find myself often being surrounded by inspiring individuals throughout my education. Prior to this summer, I had not been exposed to the ‘real world’; the constant grind out-with the confides of a classroom or lecture theatre. This week I've been at Whitespace on placement, and here's what I've learnt...


As a metaphor, the term ‘white space’ is as ubiquitous as it is frustratingly ambiguous. Across numerous disciplines it is commonly defined as a place with no competition; an entirely new market; a gap in product lines.  For all its ambiguity, white space is best labelled as a metaphor about opportunity. A creative opportunistic culture for all individuals to create, to inspire and – most importantly – to be themselves. 


It’s all too easy to dismiss a work culture as ‘the way things are around here’. It is equally easy to label the Whitespace culture as the norm for creative agencies, to adopt the ‘it is what it is’ school of thought so commonly cited in 2019 Love Island academia.  


There is a sense of community here. From meetings in the bar (as a student this is still surreal) to a welcoming workspace in which creativity is greeted with a smile as oppose to being frowned upon. This underpinning culture is fuelled by enthusiastic people that you’d be proud to call your friends, let alone your colleagues. When the most nerve-racking experience you’ve had this week is whether or not you’ve used the coffee machine correctly…then you know you’re in the right place, with the right people (with the right coffee). Putting the alarming Americano making to one side, the tangible passion of people has been both interesting and inspiring.  


Much like Tommy and Lucie (sorry non-Love Island fans), everyone at Whitespace is always welcome to go for a chat. Away from the realms of reality TV, this ‘sharing of knowledge’ is an empowering tool in a business environment that can support those around you and also progress your individual career. 


Above all else, it is so important to realise how lucky we are to be part of a community that is not only supporting our own ideas, but making substantial progress in the ‘big bad world’ out there. Working here makes you wonder how ‘big’ and how ‘bad’ the world is…but perhaps that is the biggest sentiment to the work us Whitespacers are doing here. 


I am extremely fortunate and humbled by the wisdom and palpable enthusiasm I have gained throughout my time at Whitespace. I highly recommend both the company, and the encompassing creative market, to any aspiring graduate and relevant placements. I look forward to hopefully seeing you all soon again in the not so distant future...