Where would we be without our colleagues? It was a big adjustment going from the hustle and bustle of the office to our kitchen tables and bedrooms. But pets up and down the country were delighted to have their humans home all day, even if it did interrupt their napping schedule. 

Before the rules change and we get ready to open the doors of Norloch House once more, we wanted to give a special shout-out to our favourite working from home colleagues. So, world... meet some of the woofs and whiskers of Whitespace, aka the paws behind the operation.


First off, meet Ollie. He originally joined the team as an In-House Defecator but has since been promoted to Senior Toy Mutilator. We think he’ll go far as he settles into his new life in Scotland.

A black and brown dog standing in a doorway


This is Angus, don’t be fooled by his sausage size and cheeky grin, he’s the front door policeman and he takes his job very seriously. There’s no time for post when his mum has important UX designing to do.

A black and brown sausage dog sitting on a grey fleecy blanket


Next up we’ve got Achilles. Head of Chicken Theft Operations. As you can see, he is always very busy monitoring operations and finding new ways to streamline the chicken stealing process. Just a month ago he stole a whole meal of fried chicken in a very stealthy operation that raised the company’s net chicken worth by 150%! Professional as they come. 

A tabby cat sitting at a table in front of a laptop


It takes a confident man to work a cape, so we’ve got mad respect for our Chief Pup Officer and Chairman of the Zoomies committee, Digby. He shot to success very early on in his career but that’s to be expected being the son of a senior account manager.

A light brown fluffy dog wearing a blue neckerchief


This is Cassie. She’s a very happy girl but not when meetings run over. She’s in charge of our digital marketing manager's diary, she was scouted for the role for excellent time keeping skills because despite not being able to read a clock, she always knows when it’s time for dinner or a walkie.

A fluffy black and white dog sitting


Say hello to Molly; if you don’t then you best believe she’ll come and say hello to you. Some consider her to be a fantastic front of house coordinator while Euan reckons she’s more of an office flirt. Nevertheless, who doesn’t want to be greeted by a face like that?

A small, fluffy black and white dog


Take a deep breathe in and then out. Meet Finnegan – he’s our Mindfulness Lead. I know it looks like he’s having a snooze but he’s actually running a meditation session. He’s the self-proclaimed king of zen.

A cat sleeping next to a laptop


Meet the double act, Miles and Theo. They are a residential workspace coordination team. Often found lying down on a keyboard, and then on their dad’s lap, and repeating this movement until they get hungry and leave for their breaks. Very hard workers.

Two very fluffy cats asleep on a desk


Then last up we’ve got a Steely. Since joining the team she’s quickly become an invaluable asset. She’s since been promoted to Chief Meeting Crasher, never failing to contribute to important Account Management discussions. But don’t be fooled... she doesn’t actually need those glasses; she just uses them to exert her intelligence.

A silver/grey dog wearing glasses


We will continue offering hybrid working to our people, so they are empowered to pick up the kids from nursery & school or be home for an important boiler servicing and use their daily commute time to hit the gym. But we are looking forward to when we can come back into the office to celebrate our wins together, get people in a room to brainstorm the freshest innovative ideas and greet our clients face-to-face once more.

If lockdown has shown us anything it’s that our people are amazing and can create award winning work in any environment they choose to thrive in.