To celebrate April Fools’ Day this year, we took Innis & Gunn’s unique oak-aged brewing style to the next level. Handcrafting a very convincing-looking bottle from solid oak, we set out to convince Innis & Gunn drinkers that this new bottle format would allow the beers to age continuously while on shelf.

To support the prank, we created phony product pages on the Innis & Gunn website and worked on a press release, before pushing the idea live through social media, email, press and blogs on the big day.

We managed to convince and amuse thousands of Facebook fans with our prank, netting over 13,200 likes, 3,300 comments and 2,500 shares on Facebook, and driving over 11,300 visits to the Innis & Gunn website.

With so many people taken in by the joke, we took things one step further by giving one lucky Facebook fan the chance to win the bottle for themselves by signing up to Innis & Gunn’s mailing list.

Over 2,700 people entered in the hopes of getting their hands on the bottle and the lucky winner received it earlier this week.