Whitespace are extremely pleased to have worked with Oxfam GB to deliver the Republic of You; an interactive quiz that lets you lead your own country. Users are presented with a series of questions that will inform how equal or unequal their countries will be. After making tough decisions about the welfare of its citizens, users are taken to an Equality Report, where they can see how they scored, and how equal they ruled. 

Part of a larger Even it Up campaign, Oxfam briefed us to develop a unique interactive that would help bring light to the issues of severe inequality that plague so many areas around the world. 

Internally, the project was worked on by a number of teams including: creative, design, user experience, development, account management and digital marketing. It is hugely rewarding to work with an organisation like Oxfam, and the hope is that the quiz brings light to these serious issues, while engaging users in a unique way.