What’s Whitelabel you ask? It’s our internal creative initiative or ‘a muck up day’ if you will. 

Having been inspired by some talks when we hosted D&AD last year, we wanted to spread our creative wings, think without limits and have fun with our ideas. So we created Whitelabel, a day where 15 - 20 Whitespacers from all over the agency are seconded for an entire Friday in our EventSpace and loaded up with caffeine and sugar. Teams of 5 are created and we are given a juicy brief. The rest really is up to us. 

The outputs, while incredibly inspiring, are less important than the process, and each team is coached by one of our senior creatives to push the limits of our creative brains. We learn new tools & techniques to come up with weird, wacky and sometimes, just sometimes, genius ideas. Who knows what could come of them.

We will run these sessions throughout the year, so be on the lookout for more photos from our Whitelabel days!