We’re compiling the career stories of different Whitespacers, sharing their experiences to help inform and inspire people who are setting out on their own journeys. We hope to show what passions led Whitespacers to their roles, what setbacks they faced, and where they sought opportunity.

When you’re first starting out or changing careers, the road ahead can appear winding, treacherous, teeming with challenge and mystery.

What lies over the horizon?

Are you prepared for the trials you may face?

Where are you even going?

You have a vision of the treasures that await you – growth, fulfilment, success, maybe some really chill colleagues…

FOCUS! Your determination draws you onwards, one step after another. But the road is not clearly sign-posted, and your map is in tatters. The path has become overgrown, and you are lost, lost, LOST. 

But wait –

From the shadows they emerge –

Is it? IT IS! A Whitespacer, hand outstretched.

“Fear not friend, for I have walked this path before.  

Well, maybe not this exact path ‘cause we’re all living different lives. But like, kinda similar goals, similar vibes, yeah?  

Anyway – Walk with me my friend. Let us talk a while and perhaps I may bring clarity to your route ahead.”

And then you clicked on this link.