But when we had the privilege of being part of COP26, we felt inspired by the great flurry of progressive thinkers and clever minds and we twigged it was time for our annual Christmas card to branch out from the norm.

So, this year, instead of using trees, we have decided to protect them.

Introducing our new friends at Trees For Life. A wonderful organisation that works to rewild the Caledonian Forest. They had a vision to revitalise the Scottish Highlands, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive.

Inspired by their work, we have become a platinum partner and donated on behalf of our clients. Moreover, as we go into 2022, our teams are looking forward to volunteering their time and skills to support wild forest restoration in Scotland.

I knew a little bit about the Caledonian Forest but I was blown away upon discovering how rich and diverse the ecosystem was 7,000 years ago. I had no idea that bears, wolves and elks roamed our lands! It caught my imagination and I’m really excited about what we can do with Trees for Life in 2022.

Charlie Bell, Creative Director

To kickoff the partnership we have created Web GL interactive that takes you back 7,000 year to when much of Scotland was covered by lush forest. Then goes on to describe how this once diverse ecosystem was decimated by human intervention but how Trees for Life are working hard to restore and protect the forest.

Now grab a mulled wine and a mince pie, and let us tell you a little story about a forest...