Australia Day at Whitespace


On Friday, January 26th, the Whitespacers were treated to our first ever Australia Day lunch. And despite plenty of shrimp and 'that's not a knife' references made in the lead-up, there wasn't a BBQ in sight on the day.



The themed buffet boasted a bounty of traditional Aussie grub: Vegemite sangas, Lamingtons, Pavlovas and the ultimate Australian staple – homemade meat pies. 

And while the menu may have been a far cry from the Burns Night suppers of the previous day, resident Aussie Beth assures us that there are actually many similarities between our two nations.


Read on to find out 5 ways in which Scotland and Australia are very similar...



1. We share an appreciation for wit and often self-deprecating humour; in summary, we both enjoy a good laugh.

2. A love of nature. Whether it's hill or bushwalking, the scenic route is often the path most followed.

3. While one does not use Michelin stars, both nations have a deep-seated love of food, with many of our most important cultural celebrations incorporating famous cuisine.

4. Fringe Festivals. Though Edinburgh's is superior in size, Perth's Fringe World and the Adelaide Fringe are both gaining momentum, earning their own place on the global Fringe scene.  

5. A strange fascination with food-based reality shows; the Australian Masterchef is the Aussie version of Great British Bake Off.


And 5 ways they're not...


1. The weather. No explanation needed.

2. Sports: in Scotland, it's 'football' or rugby. In Australia, it's Aussie Rules.

3. Road trips. You'll need to pack three full meals and a few litres of water for a cross-country trip in Australia, while a few hours drive in Scotland may set you back a single stop at the service station for a bacon roll.

4. Beachside culture – there's no budgie smugglers in sight on Scottish beaches, bar maybe the annual New Year day dip.

5. Dress sense – rocking a pair of pluggers (flip-flops) can only happen during the briefest of seasons in Scotland, whereas you can be rocking bare arms and legs for almost 9 months of the year down under. But, you can always count on a Scot to have an umbrella handy, so all in all, both useful people to know.

What do you think? How else are Scots and Aussies similar – did we miss anything from the list?