There’s evidence that parents are urging their children to focus on math, English and science qualifications in the belief that they can access a more "worthwhile degree" with better career prospects.

But, quite rightly Helena Good, Head of Design at Edinburgh College, had identified the need to speak to both students and teachers of secondary schools and show them that the creative industry is positively burgeoning. And so, school teachers across Edinburgh were offered the chance to spend the day at Whitespace and hear Creative Director Chris Davey and Senior Creative Neil D. Walker explain how they came to be where they are now as they shared candidly their career stories from going to school to getting a job.  The teachers were then taxied to Edinburgh College where they worked with students to try and come up with a solution as to how they could best teach creative skills back in their own classrooms. 

We were incredibly keen to get involved in this initiative as it’s something quite close to our hearts. But, that did not prepare us for the feedback from the teachers who came along to the day.

"… it's hard to describe the impact you (Whitespace) had on these teachers. Neil and Chris your sharing of your career paths touched them all. Your honesty and openness helped them to believe in the power of daydreams and failure. To a one they all said it was the most inspiring CPD session they had ever done."

"It actually really inspired me to think about what goes on in my classes; I've spent the weekend thinking about new approaches to really try and make creativity the underlying theme in everything I'm doing. I've even altered my behaviour strategies - two kids ended up moving seats today, and were told to just tell me something that interested them in their jotter, where before I would have given them some boring notes on wood to copy or something!"

"The people I heard from, the places I went and the things I saw on Friday reminded me so much of my own training and background in design, and that the creative industries is a fun, experimental and innovative realm, and can shine a light on the abilities of young people other disciplines cannot."

See how the day went here:

Edinburgh College, Whitespace - Engaging Teachers from Edinburgh College Video Unit on Vimeo.