Hot off the press after the Eagles' historic win, we discuss which 2018 Super Bowl commercials hit the mark for us, and which ones left us feeling underwhelmed. Creative Copywriter Lisa Goldie and Planner Tim Gallant give their take below on which brands scored touchdowns, and which fell short of the goal-line.

Favourite ads

Lisa: It's got to be Avocados from Mexico. This was the only ad that made me actually laugh out loud. I found it really refreshing that this year everyone seemed to stay away from politics. And despite the obvious Mexican wall narrative, Avocados from Mexico steered well clear of any connotations. This hilarious ad taps into our growing dependency on two things- wifi and avocados. Speaking to an audience who were busy dipping their chips, this ad beautifully taps into audience behaviour. But I don’t wanna overthink it, it’s just a damn good ad. See for yourself...

Tim: It was released before the Super Bowl, but I have to tip my cap to Amazon and their ‘Alexa’ commercial. I love all things Gordon Ramsey, so I was hooked from the start. Throughout the ad, I thought it was humourous, without trying too hard. The casting was superb, and it accomplished its most important goal - raising awareness and (hopefully) salience for their voice command system, Alexa.


Runner Up

Lisa: A close miss, but in second place I have the Tide ad with David Harbour of Stranger Things fame. The spot sees us flip through a number of the usual Super Bowl ad set ups; a bar with laughing beer drinkers, a perfectly foamed man shaving in the mirror, and a guy driving a car through a non existent tunnel; each leaving us guessing what the ad is actually for. The ending reveals that in each set up there has been an item of clothing that is beautifully crisp and clean and the ad is in fact, for Tide. While Harbour’s dry humour makes for a perfect performance, the pastiche of classic Super Bowl ads has been done before and that’s why I bumped it down to a very worthy second.

Tim: What a marketing effort. In a nutshell, Tourism Australia (in the guise of a new reboot for the Crocodile Dundee) released a couple of trailer ads that had fans and social channels buzzing. They then let everyone in on the secret that there, in fact, is no new Dundee movie, but rather it was all just a stunt for Tourism Australia. Getting Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride to star in the ads was perfect. I actually had a colleague tell me that they were making a Crocodile Dundee remake last week. To find out it was all an elaborate stunt capped off by a fantastic Super Bowl ad was genius.


Missed the mark

Lisa: Usually I’m of the belief that ad + Jeff Goldblum = better ad. However, in this unimaginative slot for Jeep I was pretty disappointed. The Jurassic Park stuff is pretty overdone as is, so if you’re going to bring it back you really need to nail it with an original twist. This falls pretty flat in my eyes. Long story short, Goldblum drives his Jeep away from a dinosaur as he does in the film, but we cut to a car showroom where he is actually just daydreaming. Snooze.

Tim: Coca-Cola. I am a die-hard supporter of Coca-Cola, but their ad ‘The wonder of us’ missed the mark for me. While the message is right, it just felt done, and cliche, and not very far off what Pepsi was trying to accomplish with their Kendall Jenner ad last year. I get that Coca-Cola wants to champion inclusivity, but they have gone about it in such an unoriginal way, that it is in no way memorable or shareable. 

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