Today marks the launch of the Your Call site for Road Safety Scotland!

The Whitespace team took a trip down memory lane and back to the classroom for this one.  We took a physical toolkit sent to schools around Scotland that contained DVDs and paper games and quizzes and radically transformed it into an online education resource of 10 fun filled interactives. All ten are based off two educational films showing road safety in the perspective of both passengers and pedestrians. The films can be watched on the site or downloaded in a range of formats for offline use by teachers.

This site is targeted at 11-14 year olds, who are the highest risk of being involved in a road accident or incident. It is a fantastic resource for teachers and pupils (and parents!) to use inside and outside of the classroom. 

We welcome you to take a have a play around, there are quizzes, games and you can even build your own custom dream machine!