We got to know our interns better this week with a round of rapid fire questions. Similar in some ways, so very different in others, we got to find out who to side with in the zombie apocalypse, noted some binge-worthy tv recommendations and judged them for the weird apps on their phones.

Amy McCrae studied Digital Interaction Design at DJCAD Dundee and joins the DMP department. Maria Garcia studied Graphic Design in Huesca, a small city in the north of Spain and has joined the creative team. Louise Cox completed a MSc in Creative Advertising and has joined the Planning team and Euan Fullarton studied History and Classics at Edinburgh Uni and has recently finished a 16 week intensive software development course at CodeClan, and has joined the Development team.


Who is your biggest hero?

AM: Billy Connolly

MG: Catwoman

LC: Michelle Obama

EF: David Attenborough, he's just so wise


What's the furthest you have been from your home?

AM: Africa

MG: Scotland

LC: China

EF: New York on a school trip


What’s the weirdest app on your phone?

AM: Banjo tuner

MG: Toilet tracker

LC: Unfortunately they’re all pretty normal

EF: 'Down Dog' yoga (still never been opened)


Who’s your favourite fictional character?

AM: Frank Cauldhame (The Wasp Factory)

MG: The Minions

LC: Olivia Pope – Scandal

EF: Batman


If you had to have one song in your head forever, what would it be?

AM: Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

MG: I’m Gonna Be – The Proclaimers

LC: I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston – my ultimate feel good song

EF: Get On Up ­– James Brown


What would be your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse?

AM: Hockey stick with a knife attached to the end

MG: A time machine to go back in time before the apocalypse happened

LC: Steak, fend off the zombies or to cook

EF: Machete – could also use it for cutting rope and stuff... Buttering toast?


What are you streaming on Netflix/Prime?    

AM: The Handmaid's Tale

MG: Better Call Saul.

LC: Hell’s Kitchen

EF: Going through It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia again for the fourth time


If you could make one thing about Scotland better, what would it be?

AM: Midges… they can get out…

MG: The weather

LC: The weather

EF: The weather, just a few more sunny days each year would be amazing