Each year as we get ready for Christmas, the elves at Whitespace put their heads together to come up with something fun and festive.

This year’s idea came from the growing use of emojis to communicate. This, paired with the recent development of IOS 10 has seen new sticker packs spring up everywhere. Emojis are a playful way of conveying emotions, with people getting really creative with the way they use them. The standard emoji keyboard is full of fun characters that we use everyday. Except when it comes to Christmas- all we have is a Santa, a Christmas tree and a present. So we thought that it was high time someone brought out a pack that has a much more accurate way of sharing our classic Christmas experience.

Introducing Chrimojis – the best way to convey those real festive feels.

Ever felt yourself limited by the lack of Christmas emojis? Well fear no more. Chrimojis is an emoji sticker pack with stickers that capture the true meaning of Christmas, from Christmas Jumper day, to dry turkey and crap presents.

The stickers are available for IOS 10 and are completely free. Visit the App Store to download your sticker pack today with plenty time for those Christmas conversations.

We even took the stickers to the next level and turned them into a cheesy 80s infomercial. Just visit www.chrimojis.com to watch it. Trust us, you’re going to love it!