Move Summit is Scotland’s first conference dedicated to the art of animation and it draws in some pretty huge names. This year on the bill (alongside Whitespace of course) are the likes of Pixar, Axis, Nexus and Framestore IA. It continues to bring together creatives from film, television, advertising, games, and visual arts to celebrate the joy of making things move.

But last year, we were very excited to be asked to create their brand identity. 

Our intention was to capture the essence of the industry; an ever-changing and evolving environment that’s full of surprises. So, the mark we created is outwith the norm itself, in a constant state of movement echoing the fluidity and adaptiveness of the industry. 

It was intended to never be used as a static, because animation both in nature and industry, never stands still. 

The fluid aesthetic with the gravity-defying horizontal drips reflects the reality-bending nature of animation. The industry constantly breaks rules and pushes boundaries, surprises and delights people with the next big thing. 

We loved working on this rebrand and look forward to being involved with Move Summit for years to come.