We recently created the app ‘KLANG: The Road Home’, in partnership with Road Safety Scotland, to promote road safety awareness amongst children.

The app lets children play as Klang, an alien robot from the Planet Fendaar who has crash-landed on Earth, in a tiny Scottish town called Auchterkrankie. He finds himself stranded without any means to get back to his home and needs assistance!

Road Safety Scotland and the Scottish Government launched the app at the National Museum of Scotland. The audience? Thirty excited 8-11 year old Junior Road Safety Officers and their teachers!

The launch included a speech from Derek Mackay, Minister for Transport & Islands. The children got hands on with the app, and we even live streamed some Whitespacers to primary schools across Scotland - explaining how Klang was made!

Road Safety Scotland and the Scottish Government also worked with Education Scotland to provide additional fun Klang activities and resources, for their 'Glow' national intranet in Scottish schools and the Junior Road Safety Officers website.

Reaction to ‘KLANG: The Road Home’ has been extremely positive, in less than a week there has been over 11,000 iOS downloads of the app. Apple even included it in the Top 10 Free Apps for Kids aged 9-11 - a great validation of the app’s quality.

Perhaps best of all has been the engagement of children across Scotland’s schools, who have found the app fun and exciting while at the same time have improved their awareness of road safety.

'KLANG: The Road Home' is available now to download for free from the App store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).