This Thursday 8th March, we will mark International Women’s Day by launching a new initiative aimed at giving talented women the support and encouragement they need to embark on a career in the creative industries.

Research shows 70% of young female creatives have never worked with a female creative director* and 10% of males are working in departments with no females at all. Less than a fifth of top industry creative awards were won by women in the last year**.

And, this year’s findings showed only 15% of UK based creative directors are female*. Although an increase of 3% on the previous year, at this growth rate it would take 30 years to reach full gender equality in creative departments across the country*.

The struggle for talented creative females is real; an unconscious bias exists perpetuating a cultural problem and acting as a barrier to entry.

Believing in proactivity to bring about balance, we will open our doors to young females with an interest in starting a career in the field.

School pupils, students, and graduates are invited to attend the first in a series of events, giving them access to untapped advice from females working and succeeding in their chosen field.

Our team of female creatives, designers, planners, digital marketing and user experience experts have come together to organise the event, and have brought a handful of external experts in other fields including web development on board to give attendees a comprehensive overview of the varied roles that exist within the industry. They will be on hand to answer attendees' questions about everything from how to prep for an interview and tailoring CVs, to building a network and dealing with challenges in the workplace.

Frances Irvine, Head of Client Services at Whitespace says,

 It takes a movement to make significant cultural change and from a position of privilege, we feel strongly we have a role to play in shifting perceptions. By speaking up, sharing experience and knowledge, we hope to foster an encouraging environment and inspire others to follow suit. With over 175 young people signed up to attend, the demand speaks for itself. The job doesn’t just sit with us ladies though. Male creatives also have a role to play, if not more so, in shifting perceptions.

Iain Valentine, Managing at Whitespace has worked in the creative industry in Scotland for 20 years. He says,

 We strongly believe in employing the very best people, regardless of gender and enabling them do the best work in a supportive and inclusive environment. We must break down any perceived barriers to women choosing a career in the creative industries. Seeking out, supporting and encouraging female talent is critical to the future success of Whitespace.

Stay posted on our social channels where we'll be posting videos and pictures at our Open House. If you weren't able to get a ticket this time round, please stay tuned as we'll be announcing more female-led events in the near future.

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