We live in an experience world, and I am just an experience girl’. This is what Modonna says, or would say if she was to release her hit single ‘Material Girl’ today. Because in reality, we are an experience culture, who value experiences over ownership. Don’t believe me? According to Forbes, 72% of Americans value experiences over possessions. And according to The Guardian, by 2025, the main differentiator for brands won’t be price or product, but the experience they offer. 

But with these experiences come expectations. As technology enhances our experiences with brands around the world, consumers are increasingly looking for even better experiences, and so the cycle goes. But with these desires for enhanced experiences comes expectations that companies are failing to keep up with.

According to a new Isobar report, 46% of CMOs say they are struggling to keep up with customer expectations. For us at Whitespace, there are three reasons why this is happening: 

1. There is a rapid pace of change, which is moving faster than the board-level decisions that are being made

2. The market is overflowing with competition that transcends physical borders, which is making standing out more difficult

3. Marketers have an increasingly important role in how products and services are developed & offered, but have little foresight and resources to innovate to a level that will differentiate their organisation.

That said, all hope is not lost! At Whitespace, we believe that there is a new evolution of CX, one which shifts the thinking of CX from simply a customer experience to a creative experience. So what is a creative experience? It’s the ability to marry brand differentiators with genuine audience insight and apply innovative thinking to come up with an experience that really differentiates and exceeds customer experience.

To build a true creative experience, companies and agencies should be looking at customer expectations and how we can exceed these. Tools like Moments Maps, Friction Points, UX Testing and Trend Analysis can help identify current and future expectation levels. We should also look at the customer benefits that we can deliver through brand engagement, entertainment and fulfilment. When we have a strong understanding for how we can exceed expectations and deliver valuable benefits, we are ready to create world-leading creative experiences. 

For us at Whitespace, we take this insight and information, and we work with clients in our NowLab space to develop & deploy creative experiences through innovation. We believe in the power of innovation and working with clients, we aim to harness the latest technologies, platforms and strategic thinking to help drive differentiation through experience. 

Because if you’re not constantly innovating, evolving and keeping up with growing consumer expectations, you’re bound to end up left behind! Before you go, if you’re interested in hearing more about NowLab and how we can help you stay ahead of growing customer expectations, then please reach out to myself (tim@whitespacers.com) or Iain Valentine (iain.valentine@whitespacers.com).