Over the last few months we have been working with Daydream Believers and the Creative Bravery Collective on some inspiring activity for COP26. 

Today's young people will be living on Earth for longer than anyone else, but as the generation that will feel the impact of climate change the most, their voices and opinions are rarely heard or listened to. We want to give them a platform to show policymakers during the Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow this November, that their voices matter and must be listened to.  

So, we created an Action Pack and simple campaign telling them to #GetOnWithIt! 

You can download or share the action Pack here.

In the Action Pack is a series of lessons where young people will learn about some of the challenges facing the human race and global warming and then be asked to share their ideas for ways to get the attention of world leaders, policymakers, older generations and even their own parents to finally #GetOnWithIt and start saving our planet! 

Through examples of award-winning creative campaigns and useful tips and guidance, they will be able to develop their thinking to come up with original ideas that can then be shared at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow in November 2021! 

As part of the Action Pack we partnered with PechaKucha who have shared it with over 200,000 followers already.

Our awesome Niamh, Lisa and Craig have been busy creating bold and simple yet striking campaign materials to help get the message out. Our campaign and creative will be used at a community event site near the SECC, which is being built and created by After The Pandemic – a space for everyone, where we can all take part in the climate conversation and drive positive change together for our planet.

You can find out more about the space here.