For numerous years we have opened our doors to award winning businesses and inspiring institutions to spark ingenuity amongst the top creatives in Edinburgh and beyond. Hidden in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, our ‘Eventspace’ offers a functional area for an array of workshops, talks and – as I recently found out – parties!

Creative Edinburgh boasts the largest number of creatives within Scotland’s capital, yet their capacity to experiment, innovate and succeed stretches throughout an international horizon. Supported by a talented board, they continue to enable intergenerational and intercultural dialogue throughout numerous business sectors. To assist in this goal, Whitespace created the new multi-functional Creative Edinburgh website which we were immensely proud to showcase on the night.

A cause to celebrate? We think so!

The celebrations took the form of the inaugural ‘Creative Edinburgh Summer Party’. Fuelled by local pizza and beer, the night was a sell-out. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a ‘pizza’ that?

Cheesy jokes aside, a night for encouraging playful ideas and out-of-the-box thinking was personified by Dominic Wilcox. The award winning key note speaker discussing inventions such as the hanging bird cage and tiny sculptures on the faces of watches.

It seemed rather fitting therefore that the audience seemed to hang onto his every word; that when he spoke, time seemed to stop. Of particular symbolism, the stained glass driverless car of the future was a fascinating insight into the numerous ways you can view the world, whilst simultaneously acknowledging not-so-distant technological automobile advancements.

After being immersed in the presence of a leading innovator, we were challenged to come up with creative ideas of our own. No judging. ‘No Pressure’. Ping-pong balls and plasticine acted as creative prompts for our minds to wander; with the odd comment from an onlooker spurning us on to be the innovators of tomorrow.

Much like the children in Dominic’s Little Inventor’s club, we were open minded, enthusiastic and…full of pizza. Bursting with ideas and bloated by beer, guests left the space with a smile; a reinforced optimism that you can do anything you set your mind to. As the lights went down, a creative spark warmed Edinburgh’s innovators of tomorrow as they wandered home.

So, apart from the imminent need to diet, what slices of information can we take-away from the Creative Edinburgh Summer Party?

It’s not all about the dough.

Allow yourself time to be creative. Often the most successful ideas are the ones that take the longest to think of. Think creatively first, financially after.


Draw to your hearts content.

From a young age, we are taught to draw. Yet, once we are faced with ‘real-life’ business problems we quickly forget to utilise this skill. Shift your perception of the usefulness of drawing from an artsy past time to a valuable visualisation tool.


Find Creativity within the normal.

In the words of Dominic Wilcox, a horizontal line is one of the simplest things in the world. However, if you can turn a line into something more interesting…then you can do that to any normal everyday good. Besides, what is ‘normal’ anyway?


Be Worried.

“People who worry are the best people to work with…they care”. You’ll only fully invest in something if your heart is in it. Find something you’re passionate about and care about the results.



Creativity, like any muscle in your body, will get stronger with more training. Look at idea generation the same way you would muscle growth.


This event review was penned by former summer intern and friend of Whitespace, Euan Watson. Massive thanks to the amazing Ellie Morag for letting us use her photos for this blog post!