Where it all began...

On the 8th of March 2018, an ‘Open House’ at the office gave the perfect opportunity for female school pupils, students & graduates to pop in and chat to Whitespace designers, account managers, planners, digital marketers and developers. Questions covered ranged from how to prep for an interview and tailoring CVs, to building a network and how to present a portfolio. The event was a resounding success; over 85 bright young females attended with an interest in the creative industries, proving to us the need for further action.

Overwhelming feedback from the event revealed that many women weren’t applying to roles because they lacked confidence. This made total sense to us, as we’d already had discussions around the much cited stat from Hewlett Packard that "Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100%"*. This gave us a natural springboard to our next event, the Career Confidence Workshop. 


Next, we tackled Career Confidence

We partnered with inspirational life coach, public speaker and founder of 'Shamelessly You', Susie Eyton to run the workshop. Susie bought a boundless amount of positivity to asking each and every person in the room, "What do you really want? From your life, your hobbies and importantly, your career?" Afterwards, an EventSpace full of enthused chatter brought about new connections and a general sense of collaboration in a room of mostly total strangers. 

It was a surprise for us to find that not just graduates were having difficulty making the leap. Established women were interested in stepping into their first creative role, taking a step up or branching out into a new field of creativity.

Frances Irvine, Head of Client Services at Whitespace says,

It takes a movement to make significant cultural change.

And a movement is exactly what we hope to continue.


Coming up, our CV Workshop!

Our next event addresses one of the most talked about themes at the Confidence Event, the dreaded CV. According to Forbes, both men and women see not meeting job spec criteria as the #1 reason for not applying for a job, with a whopping 78% of women agreeing. Helping attendees of Whitespace Women to build a bullet-proof CV is one way to eliminate those fears.  

We’ve enlisted the help of super recruiter, Susan Lindsay, a specialist in recruitment in the creative field to take us through her tips and tricks. This will be followed by a CV workshop, and a panel discussion consisting of both client-side and agency industry experts discussing how best to present yourself for a role. 

Each and every one of our events has revealed that there is so much to talk about, to tackle and to share. That first statistic sparked our desire to help women into the creative industries has snowballed and because of this, we hope to engage with even more female creatives in a number of ways.


Not to lose sight of our initial mission, we’ve created a calendar of events, focused on welcoming students & creative newbies to the industry along with networking events for all. Keep an eye out for further events that will be released on our social channels soon. In the meantime, you can join our CV Workshop on the 24th of October 2018.

*Hewlett Packard Internal Report 2014