So we may not be Mexican, and it may not be much of a deal back in Mexico, but Whitespacers rarely need an excuse to eat Mexican food.

Adding to our long list of infamous themed lunches, we all took to Eventspace donned in mini sombreros to celebrate the delicious day. The lovely Lizzie cooked up an indescribably large amount of chilli and all the fixings to go on top of everyone’s favourite - tacos! The day didn’t stop there - Valerie had the tunes going and if you’d shut your eyes you would be forgiven for thinking you were going Loco down in Acapulco!

And we’ve checked the calendar - the next Mexican related day is Mexican Independence day in September. It’s a while to wait but we reckon we might have to roll the fiesta out then too!

If you’re interested in catering by Lizzie find out more here.