In celebration of International Women’s Day, we were proud to host the launch of SheSays in Scotland, an organisation aiming to give women a stronger platform in the marketing and advertising industries. 

Well attended by a range of men and women across the industry, the evening was introduced by organisers Olivia Robertson and Jennie Pike, before handing over for short ‘lightning talks’ where speakers each set the room alight presenting something they’re passionate about. 

First to take to the stage was Claire Wood, Senior Planner at Leith, who looked at industry stats highlighting the lack of women in senior positions and some of the issues contributing to this.

Next up was Jane Strachan – former Whitespace colleague and MD at Blackbird Pie – and Sam Pringle, Co-Chair of Fathers Network Scotland. They covered the aims of the 2016 ‘Year of the Dad’ celebration, discussing the importance of the upcoming changes to paternity leave and how equality in the workplace will come when there’s equality in the home.

Then we heard from our own ‘(very) junior creative’ Lisa Goldie, who talked about what it’s like to be a starry-eyed creative wannabe. She suggested that the way the industry speaks about itself as a ‘boy’s club’ perhaps puts girls off before they’ve even started. 

Finally, Clare Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at the Scottish Government talked to us about some of the empowering women that she had recognised throughout her life, and discussed ‘50/50 by 2020’, which aims to see Company Boards consist of a 50/50 gender split by the year 2020.

The night was followed by cakes and more drinks. Just because. Some very interesting and important discussions were started and we very much look forward carrying them on in the future.