Rosie, Brian and Tommy are all struggling as a result of cancer. Only one of them can get the cancer support they need. 

Who gets your vote?

This was the shocking question we posed to the Scottish public ahead of May's Scottish Election, as part of a campaign called Vote for Support for Macmillan Scotland. It aimed to raise public awareness that Scottish cancer patients are not getting equal levels of support.  

A series of social posts launched the campaign and drove users throughout the campaign period to a microsite that hosted the ‘plea’ videos. On this site users could watch the videos and read about each of the candidates before casting their vote, which of course was a hoax. This then drove the users to the e-activist form, which in turn allowed them to contact their election candidates using a pre-written e-mail template.

Across the two week campaign period, the Facebook activity reached almost a quarter of a million people, and the response from all of Scotland's major political parties was very promising. This was an important campaign and one we were hugely proud to be a part of.