This year, our very own Senior Designer, Liah Moss, scooped the prestigious Young Creative of the Year award at the NODs. Here, she tells us about what led up to that epic moment… 

This is the journey of a kid that used to sell ornate works of art (10p drawings) in her gallery space (living room wall) to wealthy clients (mum’s pals) that went on to somehow win Young Creative of the Year at this year’s Nods. And who by the way is still in shock! Why am I telling you this? Well in truth because I sit opposite the girl who coordinates the agency’s blog posts who’s been getting on at me… but also in the hope that somewhere this will resonate with someone that wants to crack into this amazingly weird and wonderful industry. 

I wish I had that ‘defining moment’ when I realised I wanted to work in design but honestly, I can’t pin point it. I was always intrigued by retro sweets packaging, Saul Bass film posters and my mum’s record covers but I didn’t realise these were tied together in this amazing career called graphic design. It wasn’t till I got to college that I discovered the connection and thought this could be the career for me.

After completing my college course, I found myself in ‘Design & Digital Arts’ at university – an experimental course blurring the line between design and fine art. While I enjoyed it, I knew I wanted to do graphic design and was unsure of how to tie these elements together. I managed to get a part time job as a junior designer at a small design studio whilst in my final year of uni, learning my trade on the job. It was hard work, but I loved every minute of it and my career choice was solidified.

A year into working at the studio and after graduating from uni, I decided I wanted to explore the industry further. So, I applied for Whitespace (even though there were no jobs listed – top tip!) as I’d heard great things. Before I knew it I had managed to become a Whitespacer.

I’ve been here for six years, starting out as a junior designer, now a senior designer and it’s been an incredible journey. I’ve learnt from three very different and brilliant directors as well as a heap of talented people along the way – one of them even becoming my bridesmaid! I’ve been lucky enough to work on an array of varied projects from branding to websites to campaigns – there’s always something different to do and new to learn.

I feel lucky and proud to live and work in Scotland and to be part of our amazing, talented and bustling creative community. I’ve been able to be involved in a small way through mentoring inspiring students and helping women to learn about our industry via Whitespace Women. I've even co-run a workshop at last year’s Graphic Design Festival Scotland (David Carson wandering in to your workshop is pretty surreal!), as well as been able to sit back and be hugely inspired by the likes of Long Lunch, Ladies Wine & Design, Graphic Design Festival Scotland and Creative Edinburgh to name a few.

I hope to remain part of Scotland’s insanely creative community and help show the world what we’re made of. 

We couldn't be prouder of Liah, who we've watched grow over the last six years. A more deserving winner you wouldn't meet. 

This industry is exciting and challenging and if something in what Liah has written has sparked your interest, we encourage you to find out more about it! Also keep an eye out for our Whitespace Women events, looking to help more women into the industry. The Young Creative award could be yours one day!