It’s a year and a day since I became a Whitespacer.

In a year and half you might say.

A year and a day since I changed my entire life from lone wolf to wolfpack status.

I’ve gone from looking over the fence, sometimes dropping in to help out, but a far cry from the daily collaboration that I’ve enjoyed so much since jumping aboard.

That’s really at the heart of what’s made the experience so great for me. Because I’ve been working alongside real experts in really interesting areas. Great planning, great UX, great creative, great tech across as wide a scope as I’ve ever been involved with. You simply just don’t get the breadth of stimulation in other places. Corporate identity and brand positioning one day, websites the next. Content strategy and social media planning. Advertising, website design, strategy and functionality. Naming. Sometimes even shaming.

And new business, Whoa new business. I’ve probably presented more often that Professor Chris Whitty.

I’ve pitched constantly and managed to not Hibs it yet. Even when we pitched for, and won, Hibs.

I’ll admit I was a little nervous about being the oldest new boy in town, in history. 

Would I cut it? Would I connect? Would I contribute as much as I hoped? Would I be too “jaggy”? Well, the short answer to the last of those questions is, yes, a bit. But only to get to a point, to cut away the straw and reach the green shoots of an idea that lies beneath. 

Otherwise, my fears were quickly allayed as wave after wave of opportunity, of mind-bending stimulation, crossed my desk.

More global briefs in one year than in the past 35. In fact, I’ve worked on more exciting briefs in the last 12 months than at any time in my long career.

More opportunity to make an impact on things like business start-up and influencing Scotland’s carbon emissions. Briefs across Oil and Gas. Football. Golf. Housing. Education. Cosmetics and skincare. Legal services, Consultancy services. Financial Services. Pharma. Theatre. Office technology. eLearning. Tourism. Charity. Mental Health. I’ve worked on them all.

And then, cake and icing time. My pal Neil picked up a wooden pencil for his VisitScotland work. I found I had not lost my touch with a Marketing Star Awards writing skills with an entry in front of me, and our Roses were golden.

And there’s the intangibles. The sheer nosy pleasure of looking inside other people’s bedrooms, kitchens, front rooms, box rooms, even the occasional study.

Two stand out for me. Sarah Doorley’s beautiful painted/not painted walls.

A person with long hair sitting in a living room

And Sam Gogalak’s unintentional/intentional subscription to the Thirds Law. The Golden Ratio. (Oh, you know you’re doing it Sam).

A person wearing headphones sitting in a bedroom.

I’ve loved my wee chats with Penny and Isla as they’ve crawled all over Neil’s laptop.

I’ve enjoyed trying to work out Stuart’s dug’s name. I’m pretty sure it’s not called “Oh FFS” but it gets called that a lot.

And then my own wife Jeana’s impromptu vacuum cleaning in front of all and sundry in her jammies caused much amusement.

Phillip’s legendary slaughtering of pop classics has been a gift that keeps on giving. Even if he maybe only planned for 5 or 6, and is now looking towards Rene and Renata and Black Lace for inspiration.

But, at the end of the day, it’s been about the people, not the work. I always wanted to be a Whitespacer, and for 366 days now I have been proudly able to say “I am what I am.”

Bring it on year two and a bit.