Our team

  • Phillip Lockwood-Holmes

    Phillip Lockwood-Holmes

    Managing Partner

  • Iain Valentine

    Iain Valentine

    Managing Partner

  • Stuart Randall

    Stuart Randall

    Head of Strategy

  • Mark Gorman

    Mark Gorman

    Strategy Director

  • Louise Cox

    Louise Cox

    Planning Executive

  • Andy Campbell

    Andy Campbell

    Senior Digital Marketer

  • Laura Contreras

    Laura Contreras

    Digital Marketer

  • Chris Davey

    Chris Davey

    Head of Creative

  • Matt Weaver

    Matt Weaver

    Creative Director

  • Charlie Bell

    Charlie Bell

    Creative Director

  • Neil Walker

    Neil Walker

    Creative Director

  • Adam Wilson

    Adam Wilson

    Deputy Creative Director

  • Neil Ritson

    Neil Ritson

    Senior Creative

  • Ricky Bentley

    Ricky Bentley

    Senior Artworker

  • Kelly Martin

    Kelly Martin

    Creative Artworker

  • Lisa Goldie

    Lisa Goldie


  • Rory Imlach

    Rory Imlach

    Art Director

  • Conan Johnston

    Conan Johnston

    Senior Designer

  • Liah Moss

    Liah Moss

    Senior Designer

  • Jamie Ford

    Jamie Ford


  • Chris Brodt

    Chris Brodt


  • Cali Prockter

    Cali Prockter


  • Craig Barbour

    Craig Barbour


  • Niamh Curran​

    Niamh Curran​


  • Katie McPherson

    Katie McPherson

    Senior Content Creative

  • Graeme Sutherland

    Graeme Sutherland

    Creative Prod. Team Lead

  • Chris McIntyre

    Chris McIntyre

    Motion and Interactive Designer

  • Weronika Frycz​

    Weronika Frycz​

    Editor/Motion Designer

  • Alex Turnbull

    Alex Turnbull

    Head of User Experience

  • Sam Selbie

    Sam Selbie

    UX Producer

  • Amy McCrae

    Amy McCrae

    UX Producer

  • Ríona Ní Bhrolcháin

    Ríona Ní Bhrolcháin

    Junior UX Producer

  • Dinesh Desikan

    Dinesh Desikan

    Junior UX Producer

  • Duncan Kinloch

    Duncan Kinloch

    QA Tester

  • Luci Wallace

    Luci Wallace

    Content Producer

  • Oliver Jackson

    Oliver Jackson

    Head of Development

  • Neil Anderson

    Neil Anderson

    Technical Lead

  • Craig Ballantyne

    Craig Ballantyne

    Product Manager

  • Ian Mackay

    Ian Mackay

    Senior Developer

  • Ray Boyd

    Ray Boyd


  • Martyn McWhirter

    Martyn McWhirter


  • Jimmy Cook

    Jimmy Cook


  • Robert Kent

    Robert Kent


  • Euan Fullarton

    Euan Fullarton