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We believe in research, strategy and planning: the power of good thinking. Good thinking helps you link the needs and goals of your audience to your own business and communication objectives.

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Getting to know you

Good thinking takes many different forms and is the basis of all our work. We always make time for thinking, because it leads to definitive answers to the following questions:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How are we going to get there?
  • How will we know when we've got there?

It also means you know how you will measure the results and effectiveness. It ensures you reach the right people at the right time, in the right way, with the right message, no messing about. Good thinking gets results.

We start every project by immersing ourselves in your business, getting to know your organisation, objectives, products/services, market, and the challenges and opportunities you face inside out. To do this we use a variety of research methods, most commonly combining a range of them, for example, desk-based research, briefing sessions, one-to-one interviews and online staff and stakeholder questionnaires.

We love your audience

You may already have a clear idea of who your target is and conducted research in order to get to know them better. Or you might want us to help to identify suitable audiences, and find out how to reach and engage with them. We can work on this with you, advising whether quantitative and qualitative research methods (e.g. surveys, focus groups, ethnographic studies) should be commissioned externally or run by our own team, again identifying the most suitable for the task and your budget.

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Just like the A-Team we love it when a plan comes together

We’ll only recommend doing the most effective activity for your marketing goals. So if you don’t need Facebook ads, we won’t put them in the plan. Even drawing on all our experience, we still haven’t acquired a crystal ball, so we might recommend testing creative and/or media channels to optimise campaigns and maximize results.

Dirty cash I want you, dirty cash I need you

In the current economic climate, measuring effectiveness is vital. In other words, justifying your marketing spend and/or ensuring return on investment (ROI) has never been so important.

To make sure that your ‘money talks’, we set targets for every project we work on, and analyse them, frequently.  We use a combination of quantitative or qualitative research methods, tracking, analytics and business results to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and platforms. For example to demonstrate levels of awareness and perception or to analyse the effectiveness of conversion points. In short, we love stats and believe that all campaign activity should be measurable and help you achieve your goals.

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