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Digital is in our DNA. Since the '90s we’ve provided everything you would expect from a full service digital agency, and more: we're not simply coders, we're also thinkers who've studied design and communication. Below is a whistle-stop tour of what we do now – hold onto your hat!


  • Information architecture/user experience

  • Usability testing

  • Design

  • Content generation and population

  • Build

  • Accessibility

  • CMS

  • Systems integration

  • Hosting

From microsites to big corporate intranets

We love web design because of its versatility. And whether its just one beautiful page or a huge site, the content management system (CMS) makes updates easy.

Designed in-house, built in-house

How a site interacts can be as important as how it looks, that's why we believe in keeping all our design and build in-house. This leads to the best collaboration across every stage of web projects and the best interaction design.

Built for all, built to last

With modern web standards, browsers and technologies - there is no reason for websites not to cater for all. Our site for NHS Health Scotland won the DADI award, ‘Most Compliant/Accessible Website’ and shows the importance we place on this issue. 


  • Apps

  • Responsive design

  • Mobile advertising

  • Augmented reality

  • MMS

Sites for every device

You know the stats, you’ve got a smart phone and if you don’t have a tablet already you probably plan to get one. Year on year we are seeing mobile and tablet traffic growing and growing and growing to all our sites. As such, we believe all sites should be responsive – adapting their layout to match the capabilities of the device being used.

Apps for special cases

In the vast majority of cases, building a responsive website or a browser based app (often called a webapp) will offer a better return on investment than developing a native app.  Sometimes however developing a native app is right, either for business or technical reasons. For those times we have experience of designing, developing and user testing multiple award winning native apps in-house for iOS and Android. Because we create both web and native mobile apps we’ll give you honest, research supported advice on the right approach for you.

Mobile marketing

We’ve been on the bleeding edge creating geo-targeted mobile display ad campaigns, augmented reality content and in-app advertising including location aware calls to action. But we’re always focused on effectiveness. We’re still big fans of the humble TXT for example, controversially we believe TXT is a better mobile tool than QR codes. We can maximise your mobile marketing through research, strategy and planning plus media buying advice and recommendations.

Online Advertising

  • Banners

  • Rich-media

  • Pre-roll

  • Partnerships

  • Advertorial

We hate banner ads, but we love online advertising

Online advertising at its best is engaging, relevant and immediately gives your audience something of benefit. That is why as far back as 2001 our online advertising work included what would now be called rich-media, by including games and in-banner calculators.

Interaction, click-through and the fatal drop-off

Often online advertising will run in tandem with above the line activity. We always ensure your online advertising works with the rest of your campaign to build truly effective integrated campaigns. We’ll make sure that your campaign delivers against your objectives – whether these will be tracked via: research for awareness; ad serving platform stats for interaction rates and click-through; or web analytics for goal completion on your website (completing a contact form or buying a product for example). We’ll also review the full user journey to ensure that when we deliver a great click-through rate, your audience won’t immediately leave your landing page.

Beyond traditional advertising space

Sadly your audience is getting better and better at ignoring banner ads and online advertising. Knowing this, media owners are now more open to exploring deeper relationships with advertisers including sponsorship, advertorial and syndication. By delivering added value with the right partner, who already has a strong relationship with your audience, you can benefit from greater levels of awareness raising, interaction and response rates compared to traditional online advertising. To help you make the most of these opportunities we offer research, strategy and planning plus media buying advice and recommendations.

Search Engine Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Pay Per Click Management

Online marketing Nirvana

For every £1 spent on attracting visitors to your site using online advertising you’ll normally only need to spend 10p on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and just 1p on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We can advise the right mix of Search Engine Marketing for your brief - to ensure your site is listed in the most effective position for search engine results pages and within the sponsored links.

Like a seaside resort through a stick of rock

SEM has a significant impact on the way we design and build our sites, in both the nuts and bolts of the site and in the user interface. Our sites are not only built to be ‘robot friendly’, but we also use SEM data to inform key decisions in site structure and page layout. This creates a ‘naturally optimised’ site to maximise search engine coverage, with clear routes to conversion to achieve the most from your site.

Working your connections

Inbound links are an important factor in any SEO campaign. We plan effective link building campaigns to achieve optimised links both from existing offline connections and those sites we discover through desk-based research of sites and directories.


  • Data capture

  • Segmentation

  • Email design and build

  • Split testing

  • Sending

  • Reporting

58 emails? I was only gone an hour

We may receive too much email at times, but we also have favourite subscriptions and brands for whom we don't immediately hit delete. To ensure your email marketing is reaching your audience you need to ensure it:

  • is personal and relevant, including high quality written content
  • has clear next steps and a link to unsubscribe
  • supports your other marketing communications
  • is sent to the correct email addresses
  • looks good no matter what system your audience use to access their email
  • is easy to manage and measure

By following these steps you should avoid most of your email communication being caught by spam filters or being deleted without ever being opened.


  • Shopify

  • Bespoke e-commerce

  • Consultancy

  • Partnerships

The customer comes first

All too often you’ll find developers who focus on the technical and security requirements necessary for e-commerce. These are important elements, but first and foremost we develop e-commerce solutions for your audience. We aim for the highest levels of usability, helping your customer find what they need and easing the purchase process to avoid shopping cart abandonment. It sounds glib, but happy customers really are repeat customers and advocates for your brand.

Getting it right ‘behind the scenes’

We've been helping businesses sell direct online for over 10 years. We know the key questions to ask to ensure your project is a success. You'll be pleased to hear, most are to do with your business plan and order fulfilment, rather than technology. When it comes to the technology we have three options, depending on your requirements.


Shopify is a hosted e-commerce platform used by more than 5,000 online retailers including Amnesty International and Pixar. The platform offers excellent value for money, is easy to administer and can accept credit card payment direct to your merchant bank account using the majority of payment gateways. Aside from its excellent reputation, we work with Shopify because we have total control of the design and code, ensuring your online shop matches your brand.

Bespoke e-commerce

As with any software package, Shopify won't do everything exactly the way you'd like it to. Sometimes it's best to live with a little compromise, other times that isn't an option. Which is why we also offer bespoke e-commerce development. Like Shopify this will accept payments direct to your merchant bank account, usually using the SagePay payment gateway.

Partnering with e-commerce specialists

Sometimes our client’s needs go beyond our e-commerce expertise. When that happens we are open and honest, introducing partners with specific expertise or products that will augment our skills to meet the brief.

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