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We designed and built an engaging lifestyle buddy app to support The Scottish Government’s national Active Travel campaign.

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Get fit, be happy, go green!

The Scottish Government needed an app to support their national campaign to encourage people across Scotland to consider walking or cycling instead of taking short car journeys.

The campaign carried the message ‘Not far? Leave the car’ and highlighted that making active travel choices for short journeys, rather than using the car, can make the environment cleaner and greener, improving people’s health and wellbeing.

Creating a lifestyle buddy

Working on over 300 projects for the Scottish Government over the last eight years has given us a detailed understanding of how digital channels can promote behaviour change, and we recognise that the app needed to help people modify their behaviour and track the benefits.

We achieved this through functionality enabling them to plot and record shorter journeys and calculate the calories burned and emissions saved.

Making it personal

We applied insights that the advantages of not using a car are perceived mainly in personal terms (eg reduced stress levels, cost savings and improved fitness) meaning health and fitness is a stronger motivator than the environment. 

Therefore this app combines a number of tools to enable a truly personalised approach over the long-term.

Users can input their weight and are rewarded for passing milestones, like killing a cupcake's worth of calories, walking a marathon or saving as much CO2 as a tree does in a year. And the wellbeing journal encourages people to reflect on the extra mood benefits gained from a healthier approach to travelling.

Many lifestyle apps are data-crammed and over-complicated, often targeted at niche fitness enthusiasts. We focused on creating a simple, accessible and fresh design so the app is smooth, fast and easy to use by anyone every day.

Chris Davey

Digital Design Director

Promoting the app

As part of the campaign, the app was promoted by TV, radio, and outdoor advertising, digital, field activity and partnership working. The one-stop website provided a demo of the app and additional support and guidance.

Winner Best App

Scottish Creative Awards 2013

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