We developed and implemented a Facebook strategy which generated over 50,000 Likes in only two years, and received recognition from several industry awards.

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From 1885… to May 2011

Shortly after his 21st birthday, Hugh Tennent, founder of Tennent’s Lager, became sole owner of the business.

He was ambitious, smart and full of ideas – and while the nation was drinking heavier ales, he travelled to Bavaria where he was fascinated by the increasingly popular lighter beers. Hugh brought back the expertise to realise his bold ambition to introduce his unique lighter, golden, sparkling lager to Scotland.

In 2010 Tennent’s Lager brought this story to life through an integrated campaign including multiple digital channels. We created and launched the Tennent’s Lager Facebook page and by May 2011 had gained 9,062 ‘Likes’ for the brand.


From May to December 2011

Our brief was to re-establish Tennent’s connection with their target audience in Scotland and increase the number of Facebook ‘Likes’ by 80%.

We ran a six-month Facebook strategy combining overarching activity with five campaigns to build sustainable momentum and integrate with all other marketing activity, culminating with the sale of limited edition co-created glassware.

We applied insight that our target audience likes to participate rather than spectate, and created a three stage framework to structure all creative activity: awareness, participation and sharing.

Chris Davey

Digital Design Director

And into 2012...

This approach continued in the New Year, with another five campaigns working to the same strategy.

A highlight was the competition supporting the launch of Tennent's Original Export within the UK. Fans created and shared their own postcard twinning a Scottish town with a more exotic location.

With a daily prize of a Tennent’s Original Export gift pack, the entries flooded in and included the brilliant ‘Abu Dhabideen’, ‘Buenos Airdrie’ and ‘Zanzibarhead’. The winning entries, ‘Lanzarothesay’ and ‘Monte Carluke’ appeared on billboards throughout the country.

The results

This strategy was a huge success. By the end of 2011 we had achieved 20,803 new 'Likes', taking the total to nearly 30,000, and a significant increase in all brand tracking metrics, including 'Brand I'd recommend to friends'. 

Then, by October 2012, we'd generated an additional 20,000, taking the total to the milestone of 50,000 'Likes'. Social media has been proven as a key element of the marketing mix for the brand and is now embedded throughout the marketing strategy.

What the client said

“At the start of 2011, we had a huge challenge to integrate social media effectively into our marketing mix and to understand how much value it could bring. The results from the past year speak for themselves in terms of the impact on our brand. When used within our integrated brand campaigns it is clear to see that social media has impact, and it is a core element in all our campaigns."

Elaine Forbes, Tennent’s Lager