Zombie Phone

Following our successful brand development of UK counterpart Dough Dough, SIMS wanted us to create a new brand and e-commerce platform for entering the second-hand phone market in the US.

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A no-brainer brand

The concept was dead simple. People could bring their old phones back to life by selling them to the mad scientists at SIMS who would pay top dollar, then fix and find them new homes.

Maximising customers’ cash for minimal effort, the proposition was a no brainer. And after concept research in the US market, it seemed our brand name ‘Zombie Phone’ could have legs.


Bringing a Zombie Phone army to life

Each phone was lovingly zombified from easily recognisable phone models, using as many of the original features as possible to create its own unique personality.

From flip phones splitting at the fold to smartphones with leaking battery mouths, each adds their own unique spook-factor!

Whilst the structure and functionality of the site was paramount, the characters were developed to highlight core messaging and reinforce the brand personality throughout. The vector, clean style used across all characters allows us the flexibility to include basic animation and change the character's posture or behaviour when required in relation to new brand messaging.

A brand with bite

When it came to implementing the brand across digital, we had to take care not to create a technical monster.

We applied insights from our work on Dough Dough to manage a smooth integration with Palletmaster -  the system used to house all phone data, files and price feeds.

Final application of a few creative sparks brought our new Zombie Phone brand to life and then it was payback time, with the new brand and site launching in September 2013.

Careful planning of the technical integration with the user interface has helped us produce an exceptionally simple process so users can quickly identify their phone and receive a valuation – without having to hang around till witching hour!

Alex Turnbull

Head of User Experience

The results

We were over the moon when we brought a tombstone back from the Scottish Creative Awards 2013, engraved with ‘Zombie Phone - Best Use of Visual Design’. 

Winner best use of visual design

Scottish Creative Awards 2013

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