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As lead creative agency we developed a suite of brands and marketing material for the new Inspiring Enterprise initiative for RBS Group.

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Shifting perceptions

Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) works with partners to support people to start up and succeed in business.

In previous years, despite £250m being given to new enterprises across the country via organisations such as The Prince's Trust, awareness of RBS involvement was minimal.

In 2012, they planned to launch a new initiative focusing on three audiences that the bank believed, with further support, could play a stronger role in the entrepreneurial economy: young people, women and social enterprises. And, at a time when RBS was receiving negative publicity with the banking crisis, it was important to correct the misunderstanding that RBS was doing nothing to support the business community.

Nominated for Best Brand Strategy

Scottish Creative Awards 2013

Inspiring new audiences

As lead creative agency, we were tasked with developing branding and content for the initiative, working within overarching guidelines for the global RBS brand.

To appeal to their target audience, there was a requirement to reduce the ‘corporate’ feel as much as possible, and present the initiative as something new, innovative and relevant to them and their businesses.

Additionally, to maximise positive media coverage, the branding needed to clearly set the initiative apart from other communications relating to RBS Group.

Working with the RBS group guidelines and colour palette, we produced a series of icons to represent the diversity of businesses in the target audiences. Then, we combined them into simple logos for each audience.

Applying the identity

This design strategy was then extended through an animation to explain the facts behind the initiative by using the icons and illustrations from the brand marque. They were also applied throughout digital content and case studies.

RBS applied the assets throughout PR activity and promotional material. This included ‘takeover’ branding of some of their iconic corporate buildings in London.

The results

In only six months 814 eligible applications have been received, requesting £30,030,828 of funding for projects. Already, £1,156,720 has been provided in funding to 43 organisations.

This is tangible evidence of RBS Group’s commitment to the business community and they are now able to use this evidence in communications to help shift public perceptions.

In the first 6 months

No of applicants


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Funding provided to date


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