One More for Christmas

Each Christmas, Whitespace dedicates some time to spread a little charitable love. In 2014, we teamed up with client charity Mary’s Meals and raised over £47,000.

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Here’s a wee thought

The cost of a typical Christmas dinner is £16 per person. But for just £12.20, Mary’s Meals can provide food for a poverty stricken child, in a place of education, for an entire year. Now that’s quite a thought….

So, set on harnessing the joy and positivity that exists around Christmas dinner, we created a virtual Christmas dinner table for Mary’s Meals and invited all to share the love a little wider by setting a place for £12.20.

Places everybody

On December 1st, without any traditional media spend, we launched a social media campaign to generate awareness.

We took to Facebook and Twitter to spread the word with static and animated posts, nominations to ‘Give a mate a place’ and insights into Mary’s Meals daily work to provide a simple solution to world hunger.

Our social strategy certainly got the word out and as a result we witnessed an impressive impact on Mary’s Meals channels. We saw a 32% increase in their Facebook page likes with a 46% increase in engaged users and 54% increase in reach.

On Twitter, the results were even more impressive: a 217% increase in retweets, 135% increase in favourited posts, 411% increase in link clicks, 120% increase in hashtag clicks and 280% increase in impressions.

There’s always room for one more

The month long campaign also saw us reach out to media with personalised pizza boxes and plates, which generated favourable mainstream press from publications like The Herald and Daily Record.

Mary’s Meals also emailed their bank of 18,000 existing donors and friends. With a click through rate of around 7%, their communications sent donations soaring at key points in the campaign.

Everyone was more than happy to pitch in and donate their time for the cause. There was a genuine love for the charity and the work they do. It was a great feeling that our simple concept could have a huge impact on so many lives. And we were really thankful for all the support we received.

Charlie Bell

Design Director

The results

At the end of it all, we raise our glass to toast the 3,916 people who set a place at our table and, including commitments to regular monthly donations, helped raise a whopping £47,775.20 for Mary’s Meals.

All of the generous donations went straight to Mary’s Meals, and over the course of one year, this will allow them to feed 3,300 children every day for a whole school year - that’s an outstanding 783,000 meals.

A final thank you from the elves of Whitespace to everyone who made it possible and all those who supported this amazing charity. If you missed it, don't worry – you can always donate directly to Mary's Meals.

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