Game Masters

Our integrated campaign attracted over 65,000 visitors to the National Museum of Scotland’s Game Masters exhibition, 58% of whom had never visited a special exhibition at the museum before.

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Let the games begin

Game Masters arrived in Europe for the first time, with the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh playing host.

They needed an engaging creative concept that could be applied across all of their marketing materials to attract an audience of all ages, gamers and non-gamers, to the museum.

Taking the idea to the next level

Game Masters goes behind the gaming screen.

Over the decades the designers responsible for arguably, some of the best-known games of all times have remained largely unknown to the general public. Game Masters uncovers the artistic evolution of these games but most importantly, allows visitors to interact and engage with the work of these videogame designers.

With this in mind – inspired by game creation and circuit board patterns, the design team created a large grid system that allowed us to recreate some of the most famous game icons in a completely unique way. Bright colours and ever changing geometric patterns paid respect to retro gaming while still keeping a very modern look.

The game is on

Launched in November 2014 and running until April 2015, the campaign was introduced across a range of media.

This took the form of outdoor posters and eye catching street talkers, to digital takeovers, display and press. A 30 second teaser trailer for the exhibition also ran in cinemas before showings of movies that were set to attract key audiences.

Inside the museum, the campaign was expanded into banners, posters, apparel and signage as well as postcards and exclusive invitations for a private preview night.

All in all the campaign resulted in fantastic visitor numbers from a very different audience demographic, proving especially popular amongst men and younger audience members.

We knew we needed to create something unique that would appeal to both gamers and non-gamers alike. By joining the idea of “Take on gaming’s greatest icons” with our extensive grid system, we were able to create a visually powerful graphic language that was not only very eye-catching but also paid a lot of respect to some of the best and most iconic games in the world.

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