Drink Driving

In late 2013 we redesigned and built a new Don't Risk It site, providing information and online interactives on a selection of topics including driving on country roads, drink driving, and motorbikes.

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Drink Driving - What happens when you're caught?

The Scottish Government needed a new site section to support their national Drink Drive campaign to ask people 'Is one drink really worth it?'.

Supported by a variety of media, the site highlights the consequences of being considered a 'Drunk Driver' by the law - perhaps even if you've only had one drink.


The drink drive section of dontriskit.info features various elements of interactivity including a scrolling parallax page 'A Tale of Consequences', a game to test your reactions after you've 'had one drink' and a mythbuster to dispel some of those incorrect ideas people have about drink driving and the law.

Promoting the site

As part of the campaign, the site was promoted by TV, radio, and outdoor advertising, digital, field activity and partnership working.

When working on concepts for the 'Consequences' section of the site, we wanted to create an immersive story in which you take the user through all and every serious eventuality. The illustrative style was chosen as it allowed us to play with the narrative, each element within the scroll based medium and also added an additional story-like element to the work.

Mike Bryant
Senior Designer

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