Bank of Dave

We created a straightforward scrolling interactive for C4 Online to explain how the “Bank of Dave” approach compares with high street banks.

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How Dave took on the banks

Self-made Burnley businessman David Fishwick was determined to prove that there can be an alternative to the high street banks.

His big idea? To set up the “Bank of Dave” and by keeping costs down so he could pay people more interest, he hoped to get his “bank” into profit in 180 days, give the proceeds to charity and show that banking isn’t rocket science.

Getting to grips with the industry

With the series running on Channel 4 in July 2012, they asked us to design and build a straightforward scrolling interactive to explain how Dave’s approach compares with high street banks. Of course, before we could do that, our user experience team and designers had to get up to speed understanding the banking sector and fortunately a sneak review of Dave’s book smoothed the process.

When we developed the storyboard, our aim was to cut through all the jargon and present an explanation of banking and Dave’s approach in an engaging and entertaining way. Anyone should be able to understand the banking industry – after all most of us use banks in one way or another.

Charlie Bell

Design Director

Simple common sense

Dave had some serious points to make about banking, but after all the complex debate and doom and gloom in the press it was time to take a fresh approach to the discussion. So our team applied their insights from the research phase and ensured the finished interactive got straight to the point explaining what a bank was and what the other options are, before telling Dave's story in the same irreverent way that he does on camera.

The results

Traffic levels and interaction rates suggested this approach was welcomed by viewers. In the first week alone, the interactive had a 37% completion rate, so it looks like many Channel 4 viewers now understand the banking system. That’s the simple bit done. We’ll leave the rest to Dave.

What the client said

It's been a real pleasure working with Whitespace on Bank of Dave. They brought intelligence and design clarity out to play to produce a beautiful story illustrating precisely what makes Dave's proposition enticing.

Marie James, Producer, C4 Online

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